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Academic Support & Integrated Services

River Oaks Academy offers specialized programming for those with learning differences, particular styles and behavioral health needs. These programs include the possibility for college admission and vocational training.

Learning Differences.Some students require specific strategies to compensate for learning differences or learning disabilities. These problems typically affect reading, writing and arithmetic and therefore secondarily affect most other areas of academic learning. There is a wide and sometimes frustrating range of good and bad theories and approaches to helping students with learning differences. The one that fits your child may not be the one fits another. Our IEP approach seeks to find the strategies that work for each child. More information on this issue can be found at the Learning Disabilities of America web site at

Learning Styles. Some students have different learning styles that typically include visual, auditory, and multi-sensory learners. ROA carries or finds the curriculum that fits your child’s needs. We offer textbooks on tape, video series learning and on-line learning among others to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities.

Social and Behavioral Supports. Some students have a need to develop social skills and emotional or behavioral control skills. These students may be diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder. ROA has licensed therapists and specialists who provide planned interventions and develop classroom strategies to help students develop ways of managing themselves and staying focused on their school work.


Integrated Services


Some students have sensitive challenges that require services and programming to be integrated and managed. Students receiving these services are thoroughly evaluated and programming is multifaceted. Some students have learning differences, physical, emotional and behavioral issues. There may be several service providers ranging from therapists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists or other doctors already providing services. ROA’s Director integrates the various aspects of services that are needed and expertly coordinates all services to optimize outcomes.

Students in this program may be at ROA for varying lengths of times. Many students stay at ROA for significant portions of their academic careers. Other stay for a short period of time to make the progress they need to transition to a public or private school of their choice.

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