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ROA - Westchase

Personalized Programming, Unique and Special Needs

Students with unique and sometimes special needs often require accommodations and modifications to learn effectively. ROA provides programming tailored to each student’s academic, social, and behavioral needs.

Aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), we are a ROA implementing a curriculum that meets, accommodates, and applies necessary modifications based on professional evaluation information and standards for your child.

Over the decades, we have taken special care to know our students and their individual needs as we cultivate an accepting and welcoming environment for kids who are having difficulties blending in with large groups. Through our specialized programs, you can rest assured your child will not be one of the many lost in the crowd.

Our school is located on the west side of Houston in the Westchase area, and there is a metro-bus service one block from the school at the corner of Rodgerdale and Richmond Ave.

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff understand the unique strategies necessary to support and reinvigorate the educational process for your child. We offer programs at several levels to meet the needs of our students, and our admissions process will provide all the information you need to know about our programs. Our accreditations and the success of our former students are a testament to the quality education and services we provide. At ROA, small classes make a big difference.

Individualized Approach

Children who deal with academic and social struggles may find ROA a perfect fit for their unique needs. With our small student-teacher ratios, we provide individualized education for children with a wide range of special needs in a private school environment, including those dealing with:

Each of our courses is taught by Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT; NCLB), who can give you the individual attention you need. As a state-approved and accredited school, credits can be transferred to the school of your choice. It is always good to check before you start the course. In any case, our registrar can help you.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

ROA’s flagship and most requested program is its Individualized Education Program (IEP), which uses a wide range of proven educational strategies ready to meet the needs of each student. An IEP is designed with parents or guardians, addressing students’ specific needs or wants, such as support for:

Intensive Daily Support & Therapies

Accommodations can be made for life situations that require educational alternatives. This program is available for students in grades K through 12 and coincides with one of our academic tracks.

Methods & Strategies

ROA programming and interactions with students follow different social-learning and cognitive-behavioral principles. These are the most effective strategies known in the evidence-based literature for developing students’ social and behavioral skills. The learning community created by ROA staff teaches and encourages students to make functional and effective choices. Attentional problems, distractibility, mood regulation problems, and the like are all amenable to cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Specially Trained Staff

Listening to students’ concerns and being able to discern and address their needs require training and experience. We are confident in our special needs program staff, who are trained to respect differences and interact in ways that work with presenting issues, not in confrontation with them. This includes providing structure and guidance throughout every school day.

Additionally, our staff is trained to work with different student learning styles and capacities, which are key to understanding how to teach students of all kinds. Our staff is experienced in assessing students’ styles and using them to their educational advantage.

There is a myriad of ways to break down a lesson into small building blocks that enhance a student’s capacity to learn. There are also a variety of educational materials and modifications that are used to teach and remediate areas of learning. Since our classes have small student-teacher ratios, your child will receive the individualized attention needed to succeed.

Accredited Programming

ROA is proudly accredited by the following well-established and widely renowned organizations:

Students who graduate from the 12th grade receive a valid diploma, and credits earned at ROA are transferrable.

Academic Tracks

ROA serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. All grade levels are offered in small classroom environments. Your child will receive significantly more teacher attention with us than in the vast majority of schools due to our low student-teacher ratios (approximately 1:7, not including paraprofessionals). Classes are grouped according to grade as well as academic levels.


As a TEA-approved school, ROA follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum, with full details available on the TEA website.

Academic Support & Integrated Services

ROA offers specialized programming for those with learning differences, specific learning styles, and behavioral health needs. Such programs include the possibility of college admission and vocational training.

Learning Differences

Some students require specific strategies to compensate for learning differences or learning disabilities. These problems typically affect reading, writing, and arithmetic and, therefore, secondarily affect most other areas of academic learning.

There is a wide and sometimes frustrating range of good and bad theories and approaches to helping students with learning differences. The one that fits your child may not be the one that fits another. Our IEP approach seeks to find the strategies that work for each child. Learning Disabilities of America provides more information on this issue.

Learning Styles

There are different types of learners, depending on their learning styles: visual, auditory, and multisensory learners. ROA implements the curriculum that best fits your child’s needs. We provide a whole variety of learning materials, such as textbooks on tape, video series learning, and online learning, among others, to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities available to our students. 

Social & Behavioral Support

Some students have a need to develop social skills and emotional or behavioral control skills. These children may be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, or conduct disorder. ROA has licensed therapists and specialists who provide planned interventions and develop classroom strategies to help students develop ways of managing themselves and staying focused on their schoolwork.

Integrated Services

Some students come with sensitive challenges that require integrated and managed programs and services. They are thoroughly evaluated before receiving these services. Programming is also multifaceted, accommodating students with learning differences as well as physical, emotional, and behavioral issues. Different cases may require different service providers, such as therapists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctors currently providing services. ROA integrates the various aspects of these services as needed and expertly coordinates everything to optimize outcomes.

Students in this program may be at ROA for varying lengths of time. Many stay at ROA for significant portions of their academic careers. Others stay for a short period of time to make the progress they need to transition to a public or private school of their choice.

Contact Us for Questions

Whatever your questions may be, we’ll be happy to listen to them and provide answers. Contact us today to learn more about our ROA program.