Summer Camp


Summer Camp!

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ROA offers summer day camp, academic enrichment and credit recovery programs in the summer.

It’s fun in the summer for kids who have challenges but love:

  • Academic enrichment with our specially certified teachers
  • Crafts
  • Swimming
  • Field Trips

It’s for parents who need kids to be productively engaged and safe.

It’s for kids who sometimes may not adjust well to other day camps. They may be diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, impulse control problems but still deserve to have fun in the summer time.

Summer of 2022

First Summer Session is June 6 - 24

Second Summer Session is July 5-22

Weekly rates are available

Credit Recovery
ROA Credit Recovery program allows students who need to make up credits or classes during the summer.  ROA offers standard core classes:
High School:
  • English I-IV
  • Pre-Algebra and Algebra I
  • US History, Government, World Geography, World History
  • IPC, Biology and Environmental Systems
Middle School:
  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math
Credits are transferable to public schools. Pre-approval is required from your school counselor to guarantee transfer.
Transition Program
ROA has provided transitional programming for students returning to Houston from treatment centers, group homes, wilderness camps and boarding schools for over 20 years.  We provide a normalized school environment for kids to come home to.  Our staff are experienced and skilled in transition and transfer issues that students face.  Students who have been away from home for a period of time but still need supports for their educational progress can enroll at ROA anytime during the school year.  ROA has the capacity to adapt and modify curriculum to meet the particular needs of students.  ROA is often a less restrictive alternative for students who have been in placements away from home.  Some students need a step down program to help them continue with their recovery and rehabilitation process. Our staff often support existing mental health providers by providing clinically sound information obtained through daily observations.  Or, if preferred, our in-house mental health providers may be used.  This program can be short-term or long-term, depending on the needs of the student.
In this program students may take advantage of academic classes that fullfil their credit requirements. As an accredited school and by following the State of Texas requirements, ROA course credits may transfer to any school so that the student does not fall any further behind in his/her studies.
Students may need therapy or counseling support for a period of time as they continue to improve. Others may need structured programming or behavioral interventions to continue or maintain the gains made in their previous placement.
Methods and Strategies
ROA programming and interactions with students follow a variety of social-learning and cognitive-behavioral principles. These are the most effective strategies known in the evidence-based literature for developing students' social and behavioral skills.  The learning community created by ROA staff is one that teaches and encourages students to make functional and effective choices.  Attentional problems, distractibility and mood regulation problems are all amenable to cognitive-behavioral interventions. Staff are trained to respect differences and interact in ways that work with presenting issues, not in confrontation of them.  Listening to student's concerns and being able to discern their needs and address them requires training and experience.  Structure and guidance throughout the school day provides needed support for academic productivity. 
Students coming from out of state or another treatment program may provide the following in order to begin the admissions process.
  • Enrollment Form
  • Report Card
  • Transcript
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Psychological Evaluation
Ready to Enroll -- Click Here to download the forms
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