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Program Overview

Individualized Education- ROA maintains small student teacher ratios in order to more quickly advance students towards their full potential. Results are better than classrooms with large numbers of students but far less expensive than one-to-one tutors. Teachers are certified and experienced in evaluating each student's learning abilities and styles. A variety of curriculum materials are available to meet each student's individual needs and abilities.
Students often need a specific set of academic courses in order to achieve their goals of graduating or getting into a US college. ROA is able to provide those courses on an individual needs basis. 
Academic Support - Students are supported through out the day as they work through adjustments to the American culture and language. Teachers and staff are available to explore student's thoughts and feelings in order to advance educational objectives.
College Preparatory - Students have come from all over the world to attend River Oaks Academy.  ROA has a long history of students successfully being admitted into college. ROA alumni have gone on to attend a variety of colleges and universities. Our guidance counseling begins early in the university admissions process in order to give students the best chance of being admitted into the school of their choice. Staff are well versed in college entry requirements and application processes. 
The typical international student comes to ROA for their last one or two years of high school (i.e., secondary school) and then go directly to  a college or university in the United States. Some students come to ROA and take the additional classes required to complete a high school diploma in the US before going on to college. Usually international students lack English courses and US Social Studies courses among a few others in order to gain a high school diploma in the US. It is important to note that ROA is an accredited school. Colleges and universities understand the superior quality of accredited versus non-accredited schools.
ESL/English Proficiency - ROA teachers have been working with international students for many years and they understand the unique needs of students who are not native English speakers.  Many colleges and universities require certain levels of English proficiency. We test student's abilities when they start and during their studies at ROA in order to understand their competencies and address any areas of weakness.  


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