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River Oaks Academy

Our History

Since 1987, ROA has been providing a high-quality, individualized education to a wide variety of students, both domestically and internationally. We aim to cultivate a learning environment that is conducive to all types of learners. Over the years, we have taken great joy in the success of our students in gaining college admission and employment. 

Our Approach​

Our approach to education is best reflected in our small student-teacher ratio, which ensures that students receive instruction according to their unique learning styles and strengths. We develop personalized lessons where there are identified challenges to help remediate or accommodate any issues. Our students’ academic goals are also planned in consultation with ROA’s professional staff.

Our Programs

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Transferability in Texas

High school credits earned at ROA are transferable to any public school in Texas. We are Houston’s longest-standing dual-accredited school, now expanding to a second site with increased program offerings.

Learn More about ROA

We would love to answer your questions about our school and the programs we offer. For More Information Contact Us.