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River Oaks Academy

Private School Accredited by Renowned Organizations

ROA offers individualized K-12 academic classes that follow the state of Texas’ standards: (TEKS, found here), known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). When it comes to education, accreditations are important because they increase consumer confidence in the educator’s use of high-quality standards that directly impact the quality of education provided. 

As a private school, ROA is proudly accredited and approved by the following well-established and widely renowned organizations:

At ROA, we voluntarily elect to be independently audited every three years to maintain our program’s strength. Students who graduate from the 12th grade receive a valid diploma, and any credits earned are transferable.

Being accredited by Cognia and approved by TEA shows that the school follows both State of Texas and US laws and regulations related to education. SACS and TEA have well-developed educational programming standards that govern how daily operations are designed. Important domains such as Leadership, Instruction, and Safety are just a few codified areas.

High School Program

International students come to ROA to complete their high school requirements or to experience academic instruction in English before entering a US university or college. The length of the program depends on the credit needs of the student. A transcript study must be completed to determine what credits are needed to achieve the student’s goals for entering a college or university.

Diploma Requirements

There are several degree plans to choose from, and the differences depend on your educational goals and timeframe. In addition to reviewing our typical four-year schedule, you should also meet with our guidance counselor, who will discuss with you the best option and its benefits, especially from the following core courses:

English Language Course Credit

ROA teaches high school level English classes for credit, which can be taken during the school year or during summer school. Our English teachers are all certified and native speakers.

Features & Details


ROA operates on a US school calendar with three primary semesters – fall, spring (sometimes winter), and summer. Each school year begins late in August on the standard US calendar (Gregorian Calendar). Please note that ROA is capable of receiving students throughout the year, not only at the beginning of each semester.


Our K-12 academic classes and curriculum are aligned with the high school standards for the US and the state of Texas through TEKS. It also meets the more rigorous standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) through Cognia.

Course of Study

The course of study for each student will be different, depending on how much education they have completed at the high school (secondary) level in their home country. Once you are accepted and receive your i20, a transcript review is completed, and a graduation plan is developed.

Graduation Requirements

ROA follows the State of Texas regulations on graduation requirements. Texas is on a “credit” system, where each course is valued at one-half of a credit per semester. The minimum required number of credits in the State of Texas is 22. There are higher-level graduation plans that require 24, 26, and 28 credits. Once you arrive, ROA will guide you according to your interests and goals as to which plan is best for you.


All ROA teachers are certified and have many years of teaching experience.

Getting into a US College or University

ROA has an excellent track record for guiding students through the college entrance process in the US.

Contact Us

Call or email us to learn more about our programs and our school. We look forward to hearing from you.